A fairly big list of gigs that Discharge have performed (early 80s mainly).  If you have a date of a gig you were at and it's not listed here, then let me know.  Please include as much detail as you can remember - date, place, country, support acts, even price if possible!  If there are any dates that are wrong, get in touch also.

Dates are in dd/mm/yyyy order, for those wondering!

Note that the current tour is listed, but as most of these have not happened yet, they still have to be confirmed by fans who attend them.  It's all well and good that the tour dates have been listed by certain companies, but I remain sceptical until proper confirmation, so travel to these at own risk!

If anyone does go to them and records the concert (Audio, Video, Photo, or even set list/review etc), please let me know as soon as possible!

Notice also, there's a link to the discussions that allows you to add memories of a particular gig in its own topic.


24/02/1979: Longton Hall, Stoke * gig recorded - first line-up with Tez on vocals (Add Gig Memory)
01/02/1980: Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke (supporting The Damned) (Add Gig Memory)
31/05/1980: Russel Club-The Factory, Manchester (supporting UK Subs & Liquid Stone) (Add Gig Memory)
25/07/1980: Town Hall, Cottesmore (Add Gig Memory)
01/08/1980: Manor Ballroom, Ipswich (The Retarded) (Add Gig Memory)
21/08/1980: D.J's, Preston
30/08/1980: Kings Head, Worcester
18/10/1980: Horse and Groom, Bedford
19/10/1980: Lyceum Ballroom, London (U.2/Slade)
28/10/1980: Music Machine, Camden, London (The Demonds)
17/11/1980: 77'Club, Nuneaton (Hatred)
30/11/1980: Lyceum Ballroom, London (Killing Joke/Fad Gadget)
04/12/1980: Music Machine, Camden, London (Dag Vag)
20/01/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (???) * gig recorded on audio
06/02/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Violators/Nova Vaga)
07/02/1981: Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham (Angelic Upstarts)
06/03/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Violators/Nova Vaga)
10/04/1981: The Porterhouse, Carolgate, Retford
09/05/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (matinee show).
09/05/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Varicose Veins)
14/05/1981: Jig Jig Club, Bradford
17/05/1981: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage
24/05/1981: Lyceum Ballroom, London (Exploited/Anti Nowhere League/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
29/05/1981: The Star Club, Derby
05/06/1981: The Porterhouse, Carolgate, Retford (G.B.H)
12/06/1981: Victoria Hall Hanley Stoke (G.B.H/Varukers)
13/06/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (G.B.H)
19/06/1981: The Gallery, Rhyl, Wales (V.O.T.S.)
20/06/1981: Grass Roots, Cardiff, Wales (Insanity Squad) *Precursor band to the Oppressed
24/06/1981: King Georges Hall, Blackburn (The Distorted)
26/06/1981: The Pavilion, West Runton (Exploited/Chron Gen/Charge)
27/06/1981: Roadmenders, Northampton (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
28/06/1981: De Montford Hall, Leicester (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
29/06/1981: Winter Gardens, Malvern (Subhumans)
30/06/1981: Tiffanys, Glasgow, Scotland
01/07/1981: Polytechnic, Manchester (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen) 
03/07/1981: Sports Centre, Bracknell
04/07/1981: Gaskins, Middlesborough 
05/07/1981: Unity Hall, Wakefield
06/07/1981: St. Georges Hall, Bradford
07/07/1981: Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham
08/07/1981: Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales
26/09/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (G.B.H)
08/11/1981: Central Hotel, Gillingham (G.B.H) *gig recorded
20/11/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (G.B.H)
23/11/1981: The Granary, Bristol (G.B.H) 
24/11/1981: 100'Club, London (G.B.H)
25/11/1981: ??????? HOLLAND

02/12/1981: ???????
03/12/1981: Tiffanys, Bradford (G.B.H)
04/12/1981: The Taboo Club, Scarborough (G.B.H)
05/12/1981: Letchworth Course, Herts (G.B.H)
08/12/1981: Porterhouse, Retford (G.B.H)
10/12/1981: Rainbow Club, Derby (G.B.H) 
11/12/1981: Brannigans, Leeds (G.B.H)
12/12/1981: Roadmenders, Northampton (G.B.H)
13/12/1981: The Crypt, Middlesborough (G.B.H)
19/12/1981: Mayflower Club, Manchester (G.B.H) - last-minute arranged gig
24/12/1981: Teatro Tenda, Italy (Raf Punk, Shotgun Solution + ?????)
26/12/1981: Lyceum Ballroom, London (G.B.H/Vice Squad/Vibrators/Chaos)
23/03/1982: 100'Club, London (no support - porno film apparently!)
13/04/1982: 100'Club, London (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask/The War Game-film)
16/04/1982: The Taboo Club, Scarborough
17/04/1982: Ajanta, Derby *gig photographed for the Decontrol 7"
18/04/1982: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask/The War Game-film)
27/04/1982: Palm Cove Club, Bradford (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
28/04/1982: Drifters, Dukonfield, Manchester (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
29/04/1982: ???????
30/04/1982: Gala Ballroom, Norwich
03/05/1982: Tower Theatre, Hull (Born B.C.)
04/05/1982: Community Centre, Grimsby (Dead Loss)
09/05/1982: Lyceum Ballroom, London
11/05/1982: Marples, Sheffield
29/05/1982: Zig Zag Club, Westbourne Park, London (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
14/08/1982: The Cavern Club, Middlesborough
17/08/1982: 100'Club, London (The Volcanoes)

29/09/1982: The Met Portland, U.S.A (Crucifix)
??/??/1982: Gold Room, Oakland (Bad Brains)
15/10/1982: Philadelphia, U.S.A
??/??/1982: Toronto (Vice Squad)

01/02/1983: 100 Club, London  *support did not show, so Discharge done 2 sets, gig recorded on audio
03/03/1983: Xtreems, Brighton (Gun Control)
11/03/1983: Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke (G.B.H/English Dogs) gig on DVD-contact me
12/03/1983: Union Boat Club, Nottingham (The Tribe)
13/03/1983: The Gallery, Manchester (English Dogs)
14/03.1983: Palm Cove, Bradford (English Dogs)
15/03/1983: 100 Club, London (English Dogs)
23/03/1983: The Venue, Glasgow, Scotland
24/03/1983: The Golden Eagle, Birmingham (English Dogs) * gig recorded on audio
25/03/1983: Feltham Football Club London (English Dogs/Chaos)
26/03/1983: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (English Dogs/Heresy/Cult Maniacs)
27/03/1983: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (English Dogs/Heresy/Cult Maniacs)
30/03/1983: The Venue, Glasgow, Scotland

25/04/1983: Lepakko, Helsinki, Finland  *gig recorded on audio  - which date is correct?
25/04/1983: Sprankullen, Gothenburg, Sweden (Anti-Cimex) * - which date is correct?
27/04/1983: Kolingsborg, Stockholm (Angora Falket)
29/04/1983: ???????
30/04/1983: ???????

22/07/1983: Tunstall Town Hall, Stoke *Official CD Available
12/09/1983: Salle Polonaise Frontenac, Montreal (Vice Squad/Black Flag) *this may have happened

27/10/1983: 100'Club, London (The Sears)

1983-1984 USA Tour

15/11/1983: Jockey Club, Cincinnati
16/11/1983: Perkins Palace, Pasadena (Suicidal Tendencies/Battalion of Saints/Shattered Faith/Killroy/Tales of Terror) * did this gig take place?
17/11/1983: 2nd Avenue Entree, Minneapolis
18/11/1983: Cubby Bear, Chicago
19/11/1983: Western Michegan University, Kalamazoo
20/11/1983: Paychecks, Detroit
23/11/1983: Fry Fogels, London, Ontario
24/11/1983: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto
25/11/1983: YWCA, Montreal
26/11/1983: La Margelle, St. Foy, Quebec
28/11/1983: Living Room, Providence
29/11/1983: Pogo's, Bridgeport, Connecticut
30/11/1983: City Gardens, Trenton *Official CD available
01/12/1983: Continental, Buffalo
03/12/1983: C.B.G.B./Luv Club, NYC/Philadelphia *CD contact me
05/12/1983: Kennedys, Denver
06/12/1983: Indian Center, Salt Lake City
08/12/1983: On Broadway, San Francisco
09/12/1983: Olympia, Los Angeles
10/12/1983: La Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara
11/12/1983: Bonnie Rae, So. El Monte
14/12/1983: Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley
15/12/1983: Vortograph, Sacramento
16/12/1983: Adams Avenue Theatre, San Diego
17/12/1983: Dancing Waters, San Pedro
18/12/1983: Madison Square Garden, Phoenix
23/12/1983: Ritz Theatre, Austin
26/12/1983: Twilight Club, Dallas
29/12/1983: Rocketz, Richmond, VA.
31/12/1983: Rock Hotel (opening night), New York
05/01/1984: Salle Polonaise Frontenac, Montreal (Vice Squad/Black Flag) *this may not have happened
06/01/1984: La Margelle, St. Foy, Quebec
08/01/1984: 9.30 Club, Washington

Grave New World Tour

UK leg:
01/07/1986: Mardi Gras, Nottingham
02/07/1986: Adam & Eves, Leeds
03/07/1986: Rockhouse, Derby
05/07/1986: Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith, London (Varukers/Chaos) *aka Klubfoot
18/08/1986: Shelly's, Stoke-on-Trent
USA leg:
23/08/1986: The Ritz, New York
24/08/1986: City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey
26/08/1986: Fallout Shelter, Raleigh, North Carolina
27/08/1986: Metroplex, Atlanta
30/08/1986: The Button South, Hallendale, Florida
02/09/1986: Tombstone, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas
05/09/1986: Jackie Robinsons WMCA, San Diego
06/09/1986: Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach (Dr. Know/Final Conflict/Cryptic Slaughter/Attitude Adjustment)
07/09/1986: The Farm, San Francisco
08/09/1986: Club Cantell, Sacramento
09/09/1986: River Theatre, Gurnville
12/09/1986: Satyricon, Portland, Oregon
17/09/1986: Wellingtons, Winnipeg, Canada
19/09/1986: Traxx, Detroit
21/09/1986: Peabodies, Cleveland
22/09/1986: Penny Arcade, Rochester
23/09/1986: RPM, Toronto, Canada (Sudden Impact, ????)
25/09/1986: Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, Canada (DBC)
17/12/1986: Perkins Palace, Pasadena (Suicidal Tendencies/Battalion of Saints/Shattered Faith/Killroy/Tales of Terror) * this gig did not apparently take place!

Massacre Divine Tour 1991

Note: Blitzkrieg I'm sure didn't play Newcastle (at least), but were possibly supported by local bands as well as UK Subs.

22/02/1991: Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan * gig recorded on video (30min) & audio (full set)
06/11/1991: Tic Toc, Coventry (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
07/11/1991: Hummingbird, Birmingham (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
08/11/1991: International II, Manchester (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
10/11/1991: Leadmill, Sheffield (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
11/11/1991: Riverside, Newcastle (UK Subs)
12/11/1991: Rock City, Nottingham (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
13/11/1991: Bierkeller, Bristol (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
14/11/1991: Waterfront, Norwich (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
??/??/1991: Berlin * gig recorded on audio
??/??/1991: Japan * gig recorded on audio - not the Club Citta gig

There are more dates on the tour, in Japan at least if not Europe....let me know.

Fight Back Tour 2003/4    note: (TBC) = to be confirmed via a fan who attended the gig

14/06/2003: Hultsfredsfestivalen Festival, Sweden (*Cancelled*)
10/07/2003: With Full Force 10 Festival, Germany (*Cancelled*)
27/07/2003: Puntala-Rock Festival, Finland *gig videoed and available on DVD (contact me)
17/09/2003: Blank Club, San José, USA (Battalion of Saints, The Miscreants)
18/09/2003: Slim's (Great American), San Francisco, USA (Battalion of Saints, Oppressed Logic) (TBC)
19/09/2003: Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
20/09/2003: San Bernadino Outdoor Music, USA (The Exploited headlining, The Adicts) (TBC)
22/09/2003: CBGBs, New York, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
23/09/2003: Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
25/09/2003: Lupo's, Providence, RI, USA (Toxic Narcotic) (TBC)
26/09/2003: Rhythm Rooms, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
27/09/2003: Oasis One Sixty, Chicago Heights, IL, USA (Toxic Narcotic) (TBC)
28/09/2003: Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Toxic Narcotic, Misery, Path of Destruction)
29/09/2003: Laga, Pittsbugh, PA , USA (Municipal Waste, Caustic Christ, Suburban Death Machine)
20/10/2003: British Invasion 2K3 Festival, Orange Pavilion, San Bernadino, USA (TBC)
05/12/2003: Punk and Disorderly Festival - Main Stage, Berlin Casino, Germany
18/12/2003: Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent *gig videoed and will be on the new DVD out soon

16/01/2004: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
06/03/2004: Umea - Punkfest 7, Sweden
13/03/2004: Corporation Club All-Dayer, Sheffield
26/03/2004: Bristol Bierkeller (Chaos UK)
02/04/2004: Hamburg, Germany
04/04/2004: Conrad Sohm, Bregenz, Austria
05/04/2004: Fulda, Kreuz, Germany
06/04/2004: SO36, Berlin, Germany
07/04/2004: Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
08/04/2004: Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
09/04/2004: Lintfabriek, Kontich, Belgium
10/04/2004: Astoria, London, UK
30/04/2004: Stavanger Festival, Norway
08/05/2004: The Concorde, Brighton, UK
14/05/2004: The Archer, Newcastle, UK (Holy Racket, Pitbull)
15/05/2004: The Barfly, Glasgow, UK
02/06/2004: Republica, Londrina, Brazil (TBC)
03/06/2004: Centro Cultural Evolução, Campinas, Brazil (TBC)
04/06/2004: Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil (RDP)
05/06/2004: Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil (RDP)
06/06/2004: Garage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (TBC)
10/06/2004: Academy, Liverpool, UK (Skeptix) (TBC)
11/06/2004: Dublin, Ireland (TBC) *probably not happening now
12/06/2004: Belfast, Ireland (TBC) *probably not happening now
20/06/2004: Maastricht Midsummer HC Party, Netherlands (TBC) *probably not happening now
25/06/2004: Academy, Birmingham, UK (TBC)
26/06/2004: Rio, Bradford (Poundaflesh, Leadtheway)(TBC)
27/06/2004: Fury Festival, Le Mans, France (TBC)
03/07/2004: Full Force Festival, Germany (TBC)
18/07/2004: Wasted Festival, Morecombe, UK (TBC)
24/07/2004: Rock City, Nottingham, UK (TBC)
25/07/2004: Waterfront, Norwich, UK (TBC)
30/07/2004: Academy, Liverpool, UK (TBC)
31/07/2004: The Hub, Dublin (TBC)
01/08/2004: Auntie Annie's, Belfast (TBC)
12/08/2004: Witchwood, Manchester, UK (TBC)


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