A fairly big list of gigs that Discharge have performed (early 80s mainly).  If you have a date of a gig you were at and it's not listed here, then let me know.  Please include as much detail as you can remember - date, place, country, support acts, even price if possible!  If there are any dates that are wrong, get in touch also.

Dates are in dd/mm/yyyy order, for those wondering!


24/02/1979: Longton Hall, Stoke * gig recorded - first line-up with Tez on vocals
01/02/1980: Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke (supporting The Damned)
31/05/1980: Russel Club-The Factory, Manchester (supporting UK Subs & Liquid Stone)
25/07/1980: Town Hall, Cottesmore
01/08/1980: Manor Ballroom, Ipswich (The Retarded)
21/08/1980: D.J's, Preston
30/08/1980: Kings Head, Worcester
18/10/1980: Horse and Groom, Bedford
19/10/1980: Lyceum Ballroom, London (U.2/Slade)
28/10/1980: Music Machine, Camden, London (The Demonds)
17/11/1980: 77'Club, Nuneaton (Hatred)
30/11/1980: Lyceum Ballroom, London (Killing Joke/Fad Gadget)
04/12/1980: Music Machine, Camden, London (Dag Vag)
20/01/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (???) * gig recorded on audio
06/02/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Violators/Nova Vaga)
07/02/1981: Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham (Angelic Upstarts)
06/03/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Violators/Nova Vaga)
10/04/1981: The Porterhouse, Carolgate, Retford
09/05/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (matinee show).
09/05/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (Varicose Veins)
14/05/1981: Jig Jig Club, Bradford
17/05/1981: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage
24/05/1981: Lyceum Ballroom, London (Exploited/Anti Nowhere League/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
29/05/1981: The Star Club, Derby
05/06/1981: The Porterhouse, Carolgate, Retford (G.B.H)
12/06/1981: Victoria Hall Hanley Stoke (G.B.H/Varukers)
13/06/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (G.B.H)
19/06/1981: The Gallery, Rhyl, Wales (V.O.T.S.)
20/06/1981: Grass Roots, Cardiff, Wales (Insanity Squad) *Precursor band to the Oppressed
24/06/1981: King Georges Hall, Blackburn (The Distorted)
26/06/1981: The Pavilion, West Runton (Exploited/Chron Gen/Charge)
27/06/1981: Roadmenders, Northampton (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
28/06/1981: De Montford Hall, Leicester (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen)
29/06/1981: Winter Gardens, Malvern (Subhumans)
30/06/1981: Tiffanys, Glasgow, Scotland
01/07/1981: Polytechnic, Manchester (Exploited/Anti Pasti/Chron Gen) 
03/07/1981: Sports Centre, Bracknell
04/07/1981: Gaskins, Middlesborough 
05/07/1981: Unity Hall, Wakefield
06/07/1981: St. Georges Hall, Bradford
07/07/1981: Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham
08/07/1981: Top Rank, Cardiff, Wales
26/09/1981: Mayflower Bellevue, Manchester (G.B.H)
08/11/1981: Central Hotel, Gillingham (G.B.H) *gig recorded
20/11/1981: Cedar Club, Birmingham (G.B.H)
23/11/1981: The Granary, Bristol (G.B.H) 
24/11/1981: 100'Club, London (G.B.H)
25/11/1981: ??????? HOLLAND

02/12/1981: ???????
03/12/1981: Tiffanys, Bradford (G.B.H)
04/12/1981: The Taboo Club, Scarborough (G.B.H)
05/12/1981: Letchworth Course, Herts (G.B.H)
08/12/1981: Porterhouse, Retford (G.B.H)
10/12/1981: Rainbow Club, Derby (G.B.H) 
11/12/1981: Brannigans, Leeds (G.B.H)
12/12/1981: Roadmenders, Northampton (G.B.H)
13/12/1981: The Crypt, Middlesborough (G.B.H)
19/12/1981: Mayflower Club, Manchester (G.B.H) - last-minute arranged gig
24/12/1981: Teatro Tenda, Italy (Raf Punk, Shotgun Solution + ?????)
26/12/1981: Lyceum Ballroom, London (G.B.H/Vice Squad/Vibrators/Chaos)
23/03/1982: 100'Club, London (no support - porno film apparently!)
13/04/1982: 100'Club, London (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask/The War Game-film)
16/04/1982: The Taboo Club, Scarborough
17/04/1982: Ajanta, Derby *gig photographed for the Decontrol 7"
18/04/1982: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask/The War Game-film)
27/04/1982: Palm Cove Club, Bradford (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
28/04/1982: Drifters, Dukonfield, Manchester (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
29/04/1982: ???????
30/04/1982: Gala Ballroom, Norwich
03/05/1982: Tower Theatre, Hull (Born B.C.)
04/05/1982: Community Centre, Grimsby (Dead Loss)
09/05/1982: Lyceum Ballroom, London
11/05/1982: Marples, Sheffield
29/05/1982: Zig Zag Club, Westbourne Park, London (Antisect/Biffo The Gasmask)
14/08/1982: The Cavern Club, Middlesborough
17/08/1982: 100'Club, London (The Volcanoes)

29/09/1982: The Met Portland, U.S.A (Crucifix)
??/??/1982: Gold Room, Oakland (Bad Brains)
15/10/1982: Philadelphia, U.S.A
??/??/1982: Toronto (Vice Squad)

01/02/1983: 100 Club, London  *support did not show, so Discharge done 2 sets, gig recorded on audio
03/03/1983: Xtreems, Brighton (Gun Control)
11/03/1983: Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke (G.B.H/English Dogs) gig on DVD-contact me
12/03/1983: Union Boat Club, Nottingham (The Tribe)
13/03/1983: The Gallery, Manchester (English Dogs)
14/03.1983: Palm Cove, Bradford (English Dogs)
15/03/1983: 100 Club, London (English Dogs)
23/03/1983: The Venue, Glasgow, Scotland
24/03/1983: The Golden Eagle, Birmingham (English Dogs) * gig recorded on audio
25/03/1983: Feltham Football Club London (English Dogs/Chaos)
26/03/1983: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (English Dogs/Heresy/Cult Maniacs)
27/03/1983: Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage (English Dogs/Heresy/Cult Maniacs)
30/03/1983: The Venue, Glasgow, Scotland

25/04/1983: Lepakko, Helsinki, Finland *gig recorded on audio  - which date is correct?
25/04/1983: Sprankullen, Gothenburg, Sweden (Anti-Cimex) * - which date is correct?
27/04/1983: Kolingsborg, Stockholm (Angora Falket)
29/04/1983: ???????
30/04/1983: ???????

22/07/1983: Tunstall Town Hall, Stoke *Official CD Available
12/09/1983: Salle Polonaise Frontenac, Montreal (Vice Squad/Black Flag) *this may have happened

27/10/1983: 100'Club, London (The Sears)

1983-1984 USA Tour

15/11/1983: Jockey Club, Cincinnati
16/11/1983: Perkins Palace, Pasadena (Suicidal Tendencies/Battalion of Saints/Shattered Faith/Killroy/Tales of Terror) * did this gig take place?
17/11/1983: 2nd Avenue Entree, Minneapolis
18/11/1983: Cubby Bear, Chicago
19/11/1983: Western Michegan University, Kalamazoo
20/11/1983: Paychecks, Detroit
23/11/1983: Fry Fogels, London, Ontario
24/11/1983: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto
25/11/1983: YWCA, Montreal
26/11/1983: La Margelle, St. Foy, Quebec
28/11/1983: Living Room, Providence
29/11/1983: Pogo's, Bridgeport, Connecticut
30/11/1983: City Gardens, Trenton *Official CD available
01/12/1983: Continental, Buffalo
03/12/1983: C.B.G.B./Luv Club, NYC/Philadelphia *CD contact me
05/12/1983: Kennedys, Denver
06/12/1983: Indian Center, Salt Lake City
08/12/1983: On Broadway, San Francisco
09/12/1983: Olympia, Los Angeles
10/12/1983: La Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara
11/12/1983: Bonnie Rae, So. El Monte
14/12/1983: Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley
15/12/1983: Vortograph, Sacramento
16/12/1983: Adams Avenue Theatre, San Diego
17/12/1983: Dancing Waters, San Pedro
18/12/1983: Madison Square Garden, Phoenix
23/12/1983: Ritz Theatre, Austin
26/12/1983: Twilight Club, Dallas
29/12/1983: Rocketz, Richmond, VA.
31/12/1983: Rock Hotel (opening night), New York
05/01/1984: Salle Polonaise Frontenac, Montreal (Vice Squad/Black Flag) *this may not have happened
06/01/1984: La Margelle, St. Foy, Quebec
08/01/1984: 9.30 Club, Washington

Grave New World Tour

UK leg:
01/07/1986: Mardi Gras, Nottingham
02/07/1986: Adam & Eves, Leeds
03/07/1986: Rockhouse, Derby
05/07/1986: Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith, London (Varukers/Chaos) *aka Klubfoot
18/08/1986: Shelly's, Stoke-on-Trent
USA leg:
23/08/1986: The Ritz, New York
24/08/1986: City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey
26/08/1986: Fallout Shelter, Raleigh, North Carolina
27/08/1986: Metroplex, Atlanta
30/08/1986: The Button South, Hallendale, Florida
02/09/1986: Tombstone, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas
05/09/1986: Jackie Robinsons WMCA, San Diego
06/09/1986: Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach (Dr. Know/Final Conflict/Cryptic Slaughter/Attitude Adjustment)
07/09/1986: The Farm, San Francisco
08/09/1986: Club Cantell, Sacramento
09/09/1986: River Theatre, Gurnville
12/09/1986: Satyricon, Portland, Oregon
17/09/1986: Wellingtons, Winnipeg, Canada
19/09/1986: Traxx, Detroit
21/09/1986: Peabodies, Cleveland
22/09/1986: Penny Arcade, Rochester
23/09/1986: RPM, Toronto, Canada (Sudden Impact, ????)
25/09/1986: Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, Canada (DBC)
17/12/1986: Perkins Palace, Pasadena (Suicidal Tendencies/Battalion of Saints/Shattered Faith/Killroy/Tales of Terror) * this gig did not apparently take place!

Massacre Divine Tour 1991

Note: Blitzkrieg I'm sure didn't play Newcastle (at least), but were possibly supported by local bands as well as UK Subs.

22/02/1991: Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan * gig recorded on video (30min) & audio (full set)
06/11/1991: Tic Toc, Coventry (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
07/11/1991: Hummingbird, Birmingham (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
08/11/1991: International II, Manchester (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
10/11/1991: Leadmill, Sheffield (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
11/11/1991: Riverside, Newcastle (UK Subs)
12/11/1991: Rock City, Nottingham (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
13/11/1991: Bierkeller, Bristol (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
14/11/1991: Waterfront, Norwich (UK Subs, Blitzkrieg)
??/??/1991: Berlin * gig recorded on audio
??/??/1991: Japan * gig recorded on audio - not the Club Citta gig

There are more dates on the tour, in Japan at least if not Europe....let me know.

Fight Back Tour 2003/4    note: (TBC) = to be confirmed via a fan who attended the gig

14/06/2003: Hultsfredsfestivalen Festival, Sweden (*Cancelled*)
10/07/2003: With Full Force 10 Festival, Germany (*Cancelled*)
27/07/2003: Puntala-Rock Festival, Finland *gig videoed and available on DVD (contact me)
17/09/2003: Blank Club, San José, USA (Battalion of Saints, The Miscreants)
18/09/2003: Slim's (Great American), San Francisco, USA (Battalion of Saints, Oppressed Logic) (TBC)
19/09/2003: Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
20/09/2003: San Bernadino Outdoor Music, USA (The Exploited headlining, The Adicts) (TBC)
22/09/2003: CBGBs, New York, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
23/09/2003: Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
25/09/2003: Lupo's, Providence, RI, USA (Toxic Narcotic) (TBC)
26/09/2003: Rhythm Rooms, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (Toxic Narcotic)
27/09/2003: Oasis One Sixty, Chicago Heights, IL, USA (Toxic Narcotic) (TBC)
28/09/2003: Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Toxic Narcotic, Misery, Path of Destruction)
29/09/2003: Laga, Pittsbugh, PA , USA (Municipal Waste, Caustic Christ, Suburban Death Machine)
20/10/2003: British Invasion 2K3 Festival, Orange Pavilion, San Bernadino, USA (TBC)
05/12/2003: Punk and Disorderly Festival - Main Stage, Berlin Casino, Germany
18/12/2003: Sugar Mill, Stoke-on-Trent *gig videoed and will be on the new DVD out soon

16/01/2004: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands
06/03/2004: Umea - Punkfest 7, Sweden
13/03/2004: Corporation Club All-Dayer, Sheffield
26/03/2004: Bristol Bierkeller (Chaos UK)
02/04/2004: Hamburg, Germany
04/04/2004: Conrad Sohm, Bregenz, Austria
05/04/2004: Fulda, Kreuz, Germany
06/04/2004: SO36, Berlin, Germany
07/04/2004: Conne Island, Leipzig, Germany
08/04/2004: Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
09/04/2004: Lintfabriek, Kontich, Belgium
10/04/2004: Astoria, London, UK
30/04/2004: Stavanger Festival, Norway
08/05/2004: The Concorde, Brighton, UK
14/05/2004: The Archer, Newcastle, UK (Holy Racket, Pitbull)
15/05/2004: The Barfly, Glasgow, UK
02/06/2004: Republica, Londrina, Brazil (TBC)
03/06/2004: Centro Cultural Evolução, Campinas, Brazil (TBC)
04/06/2004: Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil (RDP)
05/06/2004: Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil (RDP)
06/06/2004: Garage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (TBC)
10/06/2004: Academy, Liverpool, UK (Skeptix) (TBC)
11/06/2004: Dublin, Ireland (TBC) *probably not happening now
12/06/2004: Belfast, Ireland (TBC) *probably not happening now
20/06/2004: Maastricht Midsummer HC Party, Netherlands (TBC) *probably not happening now
25/06/2004: Academy, Birmingham, UK (TBC)
26/06/2004: Rio, Bradford (Poundaflesh, Leadtheway)(TBC)
27/06/2004: Fury Festival, Le Mans, France (TBC)
03/07/2004: Full Force Festival, Germany (TBC)
18/07/2004: Wasted Festival, Morecombe, UK (TBC)
24/07/2004: Rock City, Nottingham, UK (TBC)
25/07/2004: Waterfront, Norwich, UK (TBC)
30/07/2004: Academy, Liverpool, UK (TBC)
31/07/2004: The Hub, Dublin (TBC)
01/08/2004: Auntie Annie's, Belfast (TBC)
12/08/2004: Witchwood, Manchester, UK (TBC)


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